What is My Product's Model Number?

If you are contacting us about a question, but are not sure about how to refer to your product, please read the below so that we can serve you the best we can.

| Patient Lifts/Stand Assist Lifts |

The Bestcare patient lift/stand assist models are typically 2 letters that indicate the type of lift (PL/SA/STA) followed by a set of 3 digit numbers, and sometimes followed by ending letters. This can be found in your owner's manual or on your packaging box that the lift came in. Their whole range of products can be found on this page.

Example of Common Lift Models: PL400H, SA400, STA450

| Slings |

Bestcare sling models typically begin with a "SL-" and are followed by a few letters combined with a set of 3 digit numbers. All slings have an informative tag sewed on where you can find the model number. The model number will have a checkmark next to it.

Example of Common Sling Models: SL-TP332, SL-R112, SL-DSA662

| Electronic Parts |

Electronic part model numbers are less transparent to find and referring to your lift model may not always help, since the same lift model may utilize different electronic components, depending on what year it was made. However, it is easy to know what parts you are talking about, as long as you can reference us your control box. There are simply 3 types of control box models that Bestcare lifts use, of which, all the parts relate to. The 3 types of control boxes is the Legacy Control Box, Performance Control Box, and the TiMotion Control Box.

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